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Nothing beats beer and mountain scenery!

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Join us for a chauffeured brewery tour of the fantastic breweries in the Estes Park area. Each tour will provide beer samples of at least 4-5 ounces for each person to taste.


On this tour, we provide safe transportation cruising brewery to brewery in and out of Estes Park in our open Green Jeep. We will start out at your hotel or other pre-determined spot, and from there, let the good times roll as you taste many craft beers. We will take you to Lumpy Ridge Brewing, Rock Cut Brewing and Estes Park Brewery. Every brewery will provide a free 4 to 5 ounce taster, and from there you can keep enjoying because we are driving. There are also food options available for you if you would like to enjoy some food on your tour.

Wildlife that is common: Smiling humans with a beer in hand

Tour Length: 3 hours


Cash Rate (save $5) | Adult | $54.90
Cash Rate (save $5) | Child | $44.90

To pay in cash, please call us at (970) 577-0034

Credit Card Rate | Adult | $59.90
Credit Card Rate | Child | $49.90

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